Friday, September 28, 2007


One of the most common accusations against kinists is white supremacism. While I think many of these attacks are propaganda (it's always easier to compare someone disliked to Nazi's or the KKK for the gut reaction is causes), this probably bears a little looking at. I am not going to dig up references for all that I say here. These are my observations from my extensive reading and numerous discussions. These are merely essays, not dissertations.

There is an implicit and explicit nature to racial views in kinism. There is definitely an explicit denial of white superiority in kinist writings, and there is certainly some truth in this. It is readily admitted that whites, as a group, do not have the highest IQ's of all the studied racial groupings. The concession is given that Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians have an edge in IQ tests. It is also given that blacks, on average, have superior athletic speed and quickness.

There is, however, often an implicit (occasionally explicit) disdain for other races. This is certainly not the case for all kinists. Some truly do not hold any ill will toward other races. The fact remains that kinism is a ready refuge for a number of those who would just as well see non-whites, most often blacks and Jews in particular, blotted from the face of the Earth, or at the very least, sent far away to their own lands.

Another observation of mine is the elevation of peoples of European descent as the standard bearers of Christ. Sometimes this comes across as a sort of Christian Identity-lite. Although there are many kinists who are opposed to British Israelism, kinism is definitely a refuge for some with these leanings. For those who believe that whites are the true genetic descendents of Israel there is little to add, but for the confessing reformed Christians who appear to make up the bulk of kinists, taking this as a matter of pride seems to result in a real conundrum. It is often argued that no other people have taken Christianity to the heights that the European peoples have. While there may be some great truth in this, one must believe, as a reformed Christian that this is a gift given by God alone to this group of people. However, the God who can make the stones cry out, can surely take this gift away from these people, as surely as he divorce himself from the Hebrews, and raise up another race of people as His light to the world, if that is His desire.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Welcome, I hope to share some of my thoughts on the Christian philosophy known as kinism. It is a relatively small movement in an organized sense, but there are a large number of people who hold the main tenets without being aware that such a movement even exists.

I have a few acquaintances and friends who espouse these views, and I have studied the vast majority of kinist writings available . I wavered for quite some time about the veracity of kinist beliefs, before setting down outside the fence of the kinist camp a couple of years ago.

For those unfamiliar with this ideology, there was a wikipedia entry which should lend some general background information. I just tried finding the entry, but it appears to be gone now. I was able to find a copy of the 2005 version in an online forum. The author is unknown to me, but I believe it to be generally true to the spirit of kinism. Here it is.

"Kinism is a relatively new movement/ideology held by a quickly growing group of neo-Confederate, Christian Reconstructionist nationalists.

Kinists believe that when God dispersed mankind at the Tower of Babel, He segregated each race. They all are apologists for Southern slavery and the ante-bellum South, and consider themselves followers of the Presbyterian minister R. L. Dabney, who was a chaplain in the Confederate army. They are strict Sabbatarians and are paleoconservative, only they reject capitalism in favor of "covenantal agrarian" economics. They are fierce opponents of industrialism and modernity.

Kinists are advocates of secession, racial separatism, agrarianism, homeschooling, patriarchy, and theonomy, and are primarily Reformed Christians. Unlike mainstream paleoconservatives and Reconstructionists, many of them are charged with holding to anti-semitic conspiratorial views, though Mark Godfrey wrote, "we hold to Kevin MacDonald’s view that the ethnic “rules” of Jews which prioritize ethnic loyalty and survival virtually ensure their disproportionate representation in elite circles -circles where these self-same values are propagated. We do not put much stock in cabals or star chambers or population-wide conspiracies, but rather in the conspiracy of consensus".

They believe in outlawing interracial marriage, and many are members of the League of the South.

Leaders in this small, but growing, movement include Harry Seabrook, Mark Godfrey, Chad Degenhart, and Scott C. Mooney.

Even though Kinism is often considered a new movement, it can't be fully appreciated apart from a thoroughly biblical and historical perspective. It is difficult to define Kinism in modern multiculturalist terms when, as a central tenet of its doctrine, it denies the credibility of the multiculturalist's view. Kinism more closely reflects the historical understanding of how racial and ethnic diversity plays out in the world.

One of the most important distinctions that defines Kinism is its opposition to racism. Kinism, simply defined, means "Love of one's own kind." It does not suggest violence or hatred toward anyone based on race. This quote can be found on the Kinist weblog Covenant Corner (listed below):

"Kinism is an attempt to revive an interest in where we have come from so that we'll better understand where we're going...Kinism enjoys the freedom to say that there is a distinct heritage in all races, and that people from any ethnic background should study and learn from their ancestors, their forefathers. It might very well included genetic or physical distinctions, but it certainly would not end there."

There are numerous websites and forums on the internet which outright denounce kinism as pure hatred and evil, and characterize those involved in it as illiterate backwoods inbreds. I can assure you from my extensive reading of the most prominent adherents, as well as discussions with many others kinists that the first is a horribly gross misrepresentation, and the second is patently false.

Don't expect to find a debate here (at least not with me). I probably won't indulge anyone in that manner. I don't currently have the time or desire. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in comments. I'm just looking for an outlet for thoughts rather than a debate forum. Posts are likely to be sporadic, as I can't control the times at which the thoughts develop, but I do hope to post them when they do.
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